October 05, 2015
Been a while since I updated the news and activities...

Just finished a release for bluesman Wallace Coleman. He performed concerts in Sao Paulo Brazil and Severance Hall in Cleveland and they were captured in this live recording containing fourteen tracks. Severance recordings were miixed by Ed Tomecko at Audioworks.

Also wrapped up a CD release for vocalist Tanya Kos. It was recorded by Curt Leonard at the Playroom Recording Studio.

Next week I start a new season with the Cleveland Philharmonic at CCC West Auditorium. Looking forward to trying out a new set of main mikes by Sanken (CO100k).

Several weeks ago mastered a Christmas release for Frank Ulle in his on going series of Nick Guy mysteries. Check them out if you get a chance. Frank is master of many voices!

In the Spring I worked on the release from Beth Gatchel and a live concert by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony.

On a personal note, thank you to everyone for your well wishes, prayers and donations for my son Bryan who was shot in the back in Tremont in June. He was walking a fellow worker to her home after a night out with other restaurant people and a pair of thugs tried to rob him on his way back to his car. Metro doctors performed a miracle surgery and he is now healing at home. His prognosis is good.