Concerto, with sixteen years of mastering experience. will turn your final mixes into a professional, genre competitive, product ready for the pressing plant.

The mastering process involves adding the correct amounts of equalization and compression/limiting to each individual track to make the tracks balance together in a cohesive, smooth listening experience. The tracks are then trimmed, ordered, spaced, and labelled.

Upon completion of the mastering process, you will receive a PMCD (pre-master CD) for the pressing plant and a reference disc for your approval.


If you would like your recital or concert recorded, I will come to your performance venue with my recording rig (several stacked cases) and set up off stage. If you have a serious composition to be recorded for commercial release, I can record in the venue of your choice or I can make arrangements to use one of the fine performance/recording halls at Cleveland State University where I hold a full time staff position as audio engineer in the department of music.

Your recordings are made using the finest microphones available connected through transparent microphone pramplifiers into high resolution 24 bit digital converters. Each and every microphone is given its own track (multitrack) which enable me to have complete control during post-production. The entire recording is securely protected against component failure by a second independent digital recorder on every microphone. With only one chance to capture your performace, I like to play it safe.

For live performance recordings, I will mix and master each piece later in my studio and provide you with as many finished and labelled CD-R as you require.

For studio recordings, I will mix the recording and provide the producer/composer with a CD of all the tracks, along with the take sheet. Later, once the producer/composer has selected the best takes or portions thereof, I will edit the recording in accordance with the edit list (map) and score. A trial edit CD will then be provided for approval. Once approved, the final edit will be mastered and you will be provided with a reference CD for listening and PMCD for duplication.


Digital Editing

I have a great deal of experience editing classical recordings by orchestral score and offer the editing of your recordings as an independent service. Please contact me to discuss your source format and needs.


mci head stack

CD Transfers

Many of you have older open reel tapes, cassettes and DATs you may want to listen to once again, or preserve for posterity. Concerto has the equipment and experience to transfer your recordings to CD or MP3.

If your open reel tape manufacturer is Ampex or more than thirty years old, it may be unplayable and require restoration to a playable state through the "baking" process. I have much experience in the tape transfer process after having transferred the entire Agora Live catalog to CD, as well as the entire CSU tape archive, totalling nearly one thousand open-reel tapes.

Your transfer CD will be indexed, titled and labelled (disc, insert, and tray).